“I ... would just like to take the time again to thank you for all your help and support. Our sessions have helped me a great deal. I know what I need to do now to move forward and be 100% happy with who I am ...I would certainly recommend your services to others.” 

“I am at peace within myself feeling more confident as a person & my mind is at rest ... Thank you for all your help & support I could not have done this without you & I am very grateful.” 


"Safe environment to speak openly. Relaxed and calming approach. Non-judgemental."


"Counselling has changed my life for the positive, helping to improve my self-esteem and confidence... My experience was very beneficial, being able to achieve my desired outcome."


"The experience helped me to unravel various elements of my life and make connections between those and me... I can accept things that have recently happened in my life and have a more positive approach towards many aspects."


 "Life changing, life enhacing, profound. I understand more about myself and as a result feel free to grow towards well-being." 


"I found it very good. Very comforting and it helped a lot to speak to someone I didn't know about my problems... I feel like a different person... Thank you for helping me overcome my problems ..."


"Professional, reliable, safe. [I have changed] the way I view certain areas of life and my ability to handle scenarios"               


"It was a new experience for me - I didn't know what to expect...I found the experience very useful...I feel that I understand myself and my situation a lot more and can cope more easily as a result."                                           


"Enlightening - I learnt a lot more about myself...Amy didn't tell me any of this, she helped me to tell myself...I was looking for a private and very discreet approach to handling my problems and I found it...I am thinking of myself and my happiness more. I am also finding a lot of peace in areas of my life that were haunting me."


"Better than I ever anticipated! I was concerned that counselling wasn't the answer at first but that soon changed and I've come out so much better than I ever thought...would highly recommend the service to anyone.... I've come to terms and understood my issues which has resulted in me being a better and more positive person, for myself! Best decision I ever made."


"I feel my journey has been one of gentle discovery ... and support... I'm more calm and accepting of where I am and the experiences I've encountered. My thoughts don't scramble and crowd like they used to."


"I sought out Amy as my life had grinded to a halt thanks to a multitude of issues that had eroded my self confidence and belief which made the future feel bleak. Her unique non-judgemental approach was refreshing and I always felt safe and at ease in the room. Working in a gentle collaborative manner, Amy helped me to help myself - to understand myself and my life better in ways I found surprising and enlightening. It was a transformative journey resulting in a major change in my life and outlook from which I regained my long lost confidence, overcoming barriers I was fearful would never be removed. I have gained a new lease of life and feel much stronger and better equipped to cope in the future. For those who may be doubtful, finding themselves stuck in a rut or undergoing times of crises, I heartily recommend Amy's services as she could help you get back on the right track - I for one, remain thankful and grateful."


"Very good experience with this counselling service. It has helped me out so much. Feel like a new person and back to myself again ... everything has changed, I am happy again and have all my confidence and self-worth back which I never had before my counselling ... 100% would recommend Amy to others."


"After the first session I just knew that I would be able to trust Amy and therefore be able to open up and discuss issues I had not been able to discuss with anyone else. I believe my time with Amy has been one of the best, life changing experiences I have had... [Amy] remained professional and non-judgemental at all times and for me that was instrumental in the success of counselling... I feel more confident, less anxious, more able to speak out. I feel less insecure as a person and in my own abilities. My whole outlook has changed for the better. I feel more equal to others... I honestly believe without your professionalism, knowledge, patience and understanding the positive changes would not have happened."